Philippe Moy


Philippe Moy was appointed site manager of St. Vulbas in 2015. Under his management, the site’s activity has increased and capacity expansion is under way.

You have been with Siegfried for a few years already. When did you join Siegfried and which positions did you hold? 

In September 2015, I came to St. Vulbas as site manager. For the first three weeks of my employment, the site was owned by BASF Pharma before Siegfried took over. 

What is your function at Siegfried? What are your responsibilities? 

I continue to be head of the St. Vulbas site. My main responsibility is to secure the site’s economic performance and to ensure that production is carried out within the parameters of standards pertaining to safety and quality. 

Do you have a typical workday? 

Usually, my day starts with reviewing the day’s production activities. Subsequently, I meet with the various ­department heads to obtain a medium-term overview of operations. 

What is your favorite activity in this regard? 

I like to deal with the introduction of new products or projects in St. Vulbas. There are always several challenges that need to be addressed and require cooperation in teams across the departments, and subsequently we enjoy the success we achieved. Since having joined Siegfried, we more than doubled activity in St. Vulbas. Only recently we validated two new products, and ­beginning of June 2019, a capacity expansion project concerning the production of an exclusive product will be put into operation. 

How did your professional career develop?
Which professional steps did you take before joining Siegfried? 

Following my first education in process engineering, I started off as team head in production at a chemical plant. A few months later, I again took up studies to round off my original education in the fields of automated operation, analysis and safety in the chemical industry. Following three years of additional studies, I was initially employed as safety engineer followed on by a further three years with responsibility for SHE. ­Subsequently, I took on responsibility as the production manager of a chemical plant and remained in this ­position for two years before being appointed head of the site. In my professional career, I worked for Sanofi, Merck and Novasep and, finally, Siegfried.

Are there commonalities or differences between your current and your former activity? 

In all of my professional stages I always dealt with challenges in a team. In addition, I employed new staff and ensured the continued development of my team. The big difference compared to the beginning of my career is that, today, I have a much bigger influence on the far-reaching decisions being taken. 

What about Siegfried appeals to you? 

Siegfried gives you a wide scope of action while, at the same time, you can fall back on appropriate support to achieve goals, if required. Naturally, this scope of action depends on whether we achieve our goals. 

“Siegfried gives you a wide scope of action while, at the same time, you can fall back on appropriate ­support to achieve goals, if required.” 

Who is the private Philippe Moy? What are your hobbies, and what do you do for your work-life-balance?

I am 49 years of age, married and have three daughters. I originate from a small village on the River Mosel in France near the German border. Unfortunately, I am the only one in the family who doesn’t speak German. 

My recipe for dealing with stress is rather simple: I grow all of the fruit and vegetables for our personal consumption myself. Moreover, thanks to our regular vacations on the island of Corsica, I am a well-balanced and happy site manager. 

Do you have any lifelong dreams that you would like to fulfil? 

I would enjoy visiting Corsica more often and becoming more politically and socially active in the Lyon region. 

What was the best moment in your life? 

One of the best memories that I will never forget refers to an occurrence in my childhood. At the age of seven, I accompanied my two grandfathers to a distillation plant for fruit brandies. I believe this was the moment that ignited my enthusiasm for chemical processes.