Pennsville Emergency Response Drill


Our Pennsville facility hosted an Emergency Response Drill. The drill was the culmination of several months of planning on the part of Siegfried’s Emergency Response Team and local authorities. Local, State, and Federal ­authorities that participated included the following:  Pennsville Office of Emergency Management, Salem County Hazardous Materials Team, Pennsville Police Department, Pennsville Fire Department, Pennsville Emergency Medical Services. Also participating in the drill were EMT students from the Salem County EMT Academy.

The drill simulated a vapor cloud explosion that caused injuries to six contractors working in the area. The location of the drill was the facility’s tank farm and the root cause was due to a leak on a flammable storage tank that reached an ignition source.

At the completion of the drill a “Hot Wash” was performed where the Incident Commander from Siegfried and the Incident Commander from the Pennsville Fire Department identified the ­areas that went well and the areas where improvement could be made. Overall the goals of the drill were met in assessing Pennsville’s ERT capabilities and in opening additional means of communication with local agencies.