Nantong: Nantong Town Hall Meeting and Annual Dinner 2019


Fang Lin

17 January 2019 was a special day for Siegfried Nantong: It was the first townhall meeting and the first annual dinner with Wolfgang Wienand in his new role as CEO, who visited the Nantong site together with René Imwinkelried, Arnoud Middel and Wilfried Eul.

In his speech, Wolfgang Wienand reviewed the successes achieved by the Siegfried Group and charted the strategic course for the company in the years to come. He pointed out the important role Siegfried Nantong is going to play in Siegfried´s network strategy as a flexible drug substance cost leader. Four APIs have been successfully transferred to the Nantong site supported by European colleagues. Siegfried Nantong has mastered demanding product chemistry safely and delivered the required product quantities and quality in timely manner. The written confirmation letter from ­Jiangsu FDA for three human use APIs and a number of successful customer audits have paved the way for commercial sales in the European markets. 

For 2019, the most important challenge is the US FDA approval inspection, expected to take place in the second quarter of this year. The successful inspection will be another milestone for Siegfried Nantong and attract more customers. The QA department aims to complete preparations by the end of March. It is, however, a joint team effort of all departments and all employees to plan, organize, learn and practice for this event. 

The CEO expects the equipment utilization in Nantong to reach 90% until 2020, similar to other Siegfried sites. This means many more customers and products need to be introduced to the Nantong site, which will challenge all departments to achieve a higher level of performance within a short period of time. In addition, the R&D department shall transform into the third development hub besides Zofingen and Evionnaz for all Siegfried drug substance sites. Wolfgang Wienand was confident that Siegfried Nantong will have another successful year 2019 and a great future within the Siegfried production network.

Annual Dinner

After the transfer to the event location the fifth annual dinner of Siegfried Nantong started at 6:00 p.m. About 270 employees and contractors attended. The Chinese lunar year changed on 4 February from the year of the dog to the year of the pig. The horoscope promises luck, wealth and abundance for the year of the pig. In their annual dinner speeches General Manager Fang Lin, Multi Site Head Wilfried Eul and CEO Wolfgang Wienand referred to Siegfried Nantong´s accomplishments, thanking all employees and contractors for their hard work, engagement and loyalty, and looked forward to a bright future. They expressed their heartfelt wishes for the coming Chinese New Year to all Siegfried Nantong employees. At last, Wolfgang Wienand proposed a toast and announced the start of the annual dinner. During the dinner, a special program took place. The party was kicked off with the lion dragon dance by the interns from the production department, an artistic performance which needs special training and practice. A roaring applause followed. Colleagues from all departments and even some of their children showed splendid performances like dances, singing, cross-talk and taekwondo. This year the Nantong management led by General Manager Fang Lin performed a chorus named “we workers have power”, another party highlight. 

Besides the wonderful performances, a lucky draw with big prizes such as a drone as the first price, an apple watch, gold bracelets, a Segway etc. was carried out. More than 25% of the attendees were lucky dogs. 

It is always a happy time for Nantong employees to attend the annual dinner party with leaders and colleagues from Headquarters and other sites. With the best wishes and great expectations from the leaders, we believe Nantong site can move stably and confidently into the New Year. Let’s look forward to more achievements and harvests in 2019, the year of the pig.