Minden: 2018 End-of-year Review of ­Siegfried Minden Site Fire Brigade


2018 was an eventful year from the Minden site fire brigade‘s perspective, with a total of 261 deployments – a 13% increase over the previous year. 

In their area of expertise – hazard prevention – the emergency personnel deal with complex tasks often under extreme time pressure, which demands highly focused procedures by everyone involved. They must, at all times, fully grasp the situation on site and take correct decisions while constantly keeping an eye on risks and dangers at the place of deployment. Taking this into account, it is particularly ­encouraging that there were no accidents and no bodily harm on the part of the staff. We are aware, of course, that only in the rarest cases can fire brigade deployment be carried out without risk or danger. 

Naturally, Minden’s site fire brigade was at the service of the production facilities, ­logistics and infrastructure and available for special tasks in support of production. These tasks include: decontamination in storage tanks, preparation for repairs inside hazardous-material tanks, cleaning of collecting basins in preparation for external inspections, cleaning of large-surface roofs and other sections of production buildings within the parameters of GMP requirements, and various assistance services concerning operation of the site’s own sewage plant. These deployments, together with technical assistance, such as release of hazardous substances, flooding and oil contamination, represented the largest share in 2018. 

As a special and rare experience we will remember the precaution measures taken for the disposal of a WW2 bomb at a distance of 180 meters from the site. 

Outside the site, the tasks of the fire ­brigade included deployment, especially, concerning fires at two silos, a church-­tower, a landfill-site, and an external hazardous ­materials site. In these cases, the expertise of ­Siegfried’s action force was much in demand, in particular concerning the use of special ­extinguishing agents in complicated production-plant fires and ­environmental dangers resulting from the spill of chemicals. 

Altogether, from the site fire brigade’s perspective, 2018 was a successful year. All ­aspects of the work were completed in a targeted manner. 

Successful Official Audit

At the end of the year, special confirmation was provided for Siegfried’s efforts to run a site fire brigade that is operational at all times and in accordance with legal requirements. 

The responsible regional government of Detmold attested Siegfried Minden that the site fire brigade fully complies with the requirements made by the law and, therefore, it was issued a five-year authorization for ­deployment as a government-approved site fire brigade.

In this sense, the site fire brigade personnel will remain highly motivated and contribute toward ensuring adequate fire and hazard protection at the Minden site.