Malta Launches the Leadership & ­Development Program


At our Malta site launched a Leadership & Development Program covering all employees with leading responsibilities was launched One of the programs was composed for the Heads of Department and another one intended for line management. The latter included also employees who hold positions with indirect leadership roles such as project management. In total, 43 participants were involved.

The main objective of the Leadership & Development program is to promote the personal and professional development of participants for them to become highly effective managers and leaders. The underlying principles adopted were our Corporate Values and the Leadership Principles. This is achieved through the creation of a safe and supportive learning environment that encourages participants to experiment with newly acquired behaviours and competencies. The program combines a number of highly interactive group training workshops with personality profiling and one-to-one individual coaching sessions. This ensures that the learning content is transferred and applied to the work context of the participants. It also includes a number of assessment and profiling instruments that enable participants to gain a high definition picture of their strengths as well as areas of leadership they need to work on.

In the future the scope is providing and maintaining a continuous learning platform which builds on the previous sessions. Simultaneously, it evaluates and observes the improvements made towards new approaches of leadership skills adopted during the course of the job.