Irvine: Zombie Fun Run


Siegfried Irvine entered in the second annual zombie fun run in San Diego, California, for a team building exercise. 100% of the event’s proceeds were donated to the San Diego Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, a group that assists communities affected by disasters. 

Each runner had 3 flags and if any flags were remaining by the end of the race, the team/individual received a “Survivor” medal. An “Infected” medal meant that all your flags were stolen by the zombies! The course consisted of a 1.5 mile trail, then another 1.5 miles of obstacle courses. Zombies were sprinkled throughout the course trying to capture your flags.

The race began at 4:30 p.m. for a sunset run. Our three teams “Month End”, “Expect More“, and “Generate More Paperwork” successfully navigated through obstacles and ran past blood thirsty, virus infected zombies, leaving no (wo)man behind! Siegfried Irvine feels safe knowing we have brave zombie fighting veterans to protect us in case Irvine ever gets hit with the Zombie Virus!