Future Days 2019


Future Day in Hameln

Owing to numerous registrations, this year’s Future Day was very successful. Some 20 children ranging from 8 to 13 years of age visited Siegfried Hameln. 

The day began at 9:00 a.m. with a small presentation of the company and the connected training professions that might play a role for the children in the future. The professions include pharmaceutical production technician, laboratory assistant, industrial manager and a dual study course consisting of theoretical study and practical experience. In workshops, the young visitors were introduced to the technical department, laboratory, sterile production and packaging. 

The introductions to the training professions started once all of the young visitors had registered in two of the four workshops. At 10:15 a.m. they were met by the respective employees and taken on the tour of about 45 minutes and included practical activities. After a short break, the groups changed to the second workshop of their choice. Following a morning filled with experiences and impressions, the young visitors were invited for lunch at the cafeteria. 

Each of the children showed a keen interest in proceedings at the laboratory, packaging, sterile production and the technical department. We would also like to thank all of our colleagues who actively supported us on this day. 

Girls’ and Boys’ Day at Siegfried Minden

At this year’s Girls’ & Boys’ Day fourteen students participated in Siegfried Minden’s Future Day. Safety and security are paramount, as the participants noticed first thing in the morning when – after an introduction of the company – they were shown a film on safety. 

Subsequently they were issued protective equipment that is required for a plant tour. In the purine plant, the students observed drug substance production close-up. They marveled at the large machines and apparatuses and watched as caffeine was produced. Subsequently, our apprentices waited in the training laboratory in order to show the students activities which they will learn in vocational training, such as determining the exact density of a saline solution or weighing in solid materials. The students were invited to participate in these activities. In this way they received a wide range of information concerning the training professions of chemical technician and laboratory assistant. An eventful day with many new impressions took an end in the afternoon. Possibly, the one or other participant of the day will be interested in pursuing a scientific career at Siegfried, which would please us very much. 

Training Ambassadors at Schools

In our function as training ambassadors, we were asked to introduce our training vocations, namely chemical technician and laboratory assistant, to students in their eighth year at the Hausberge secondary school.

Our presentation started with general information concerning Siegfried, our training organization, our path to being a company, and information about both training vocations. We talked to the students about our own experiences as apprentices and the process of training. We were very pleased to answer many questions about the training vocations. We draw a positive overall conclusion from this presentation, and we expect to have triggered interest in the training vocations of chemical technician and laboratory assistant.

This year, this was our third assignment as training ambassadors at schools in our region. It is an added step to give wider publicity at schools for Siegfried as a training partner. As training ambassadors we enjoy taking on a completely different role and coming in contact with students directly.