Extension of Zofingen ­Laboratory – up to 40 Additional Workplaces


From left: Peter Gehler, Emil Zurmühle (architect), Daniel Raidt (engineer), Rudolf Hanko, Wolfgang Wienand, Anja Köhne, Beat Weber, Michael Levis

Half a floor in Laboratory Building 325, constructed 2008–2009, remained unused as a reserve for future space requirements. Fit-out of the space began in 2017 and was completed in November 2018. Our former CEO Rudolf Hanko stressed that availability of the entire Laboratory Building was essential for Siegfried. As a supplier to ­customers in the research-oriented pharmaceutical industry, Siegfried requires not only outstanding qualified employees but also production facilities that set standards in the industry. Rudolf Hanko: “Not only must we keep up with our competitors, but also with our customers’ production facilities. In other words, we have to maintain our reputation in the market, and the market must hear the message: Siegfried invests to the benefit of its ­customers, especially, with regard to research and development.” 

From left: David Schöllmann, Hans Peter Brunner, Beat Weber