Evionnaz: Visit by Council of State


Councilor of State Christophe Darbellay has chosen Siegfried Evionnaz for his visit in the heart of economy.

Siegfried Evionnaz hosted Chris­tophe Darbellay, Canton of Valais’ Councillor of State for Economy and Education. He was accompanied by his staff for Economics, the director of HES-SO (Haute Ecole spécialisée de Suisse Occidentale) and representatives of trade associations. Following a presentation of the site and its history, the visitors were taken on a tour of the production plant and discovered the complexity of a chemical production site. During the ensuing discussion, we were able to emphasize our good relations with the various authorities and mention certain expectations of our industry. These expectations concern stable parameters (taxes, regulations, etc.) and recognition of the importance of vocational training of operators and laboratory assistants, both in terms of quality and quantity. We would like to thank ­Reinhard Räcker, Multi Site Head, and Peter Gehler, Chief Communication Manager, who specially came from Zofingen to support Marcel Signer, Managing Director Site Evionnaz, and his team.