Evionnaz: Musical Outings


From left: Léo Egger, Dorine Belmessieri, Roselyne Roué-Dubosson, Gregor Kiefer, Cecilia Tortoreto, Rosa Caruso, Elena Schaller, Marie-Claude Bourgeois

At the Evionnaz site, we have for several years cultivated a very beautiful tradition: a group of classical music lovers meets regularly to listen to concerts by various ensembles from Lausanne. They include, for instance, the “Orchestre Symphonique Universitaire” and the “Orchestre de Chambre des Etudiants EPFL et UNIL”. The founder of the latter is Gregor Kiefer, who has played in the orchestra for many years. Our project manager is a passionate violinist and is delighted to receive so much support for the concerts by the Siegfried team. The classical music lovers enjoy a social gathering in an entirely different context from that at work.