Inside View

Zofingen: Pump Booth

Hans-Jörg Schmid (left) and Hansrudolf Plüss organized the pump booth.

Which pumps do we use at Siegfried in Zofingen? How does one operate them correctly? How do I fix bugs? What does the maintenance of pumps entail? 

The aim of the pump booth set up for a period of seven weeks was to provide answers to these questions and extend employees’ knowledge of pump technology. 

The display models, posters and presentations provided information on the characteristics and functioning of the most common vacuum and delivery pumps in use at Siegfried. Vacuum pumps include three different types: liquid ring, rotary vane and dry-running vacuum pumps. Delivery pumps come in two versions: displacement pumps or gyro-delivery pumps. 

A visit to the pump booth was considered a compulsory training event for all employees in production. No fixed time was set, each employee could choose the most convenient time. However, the visit was connected with a bit of work. Questions had to be answered on a work sheet based on the information provided on posters and in documentation. Furthermore, a test had to be completed at the end of the tour of the booth. One week before the end of the exhibition, some 120 individuals had completed the training event. 

Hans-Jörg Schmid and Hansrudolf Plüss, who were responsible for setting up the booth and implementing the program, are satisfied with the result. We would like to express our gratitude to the two companies, CP and Flowserve, which provided the pumps for the exhibition.