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Program Management at Siegfried

From left: Peter Küng, Michael Nass, Adrian Indolese, Michael Steffen, Peter Demel, Jonas Bobst

Toward the end of 2017, Siegfried announced the ­introduction of a Program Management unit at the Zofingen site. Program Management mirrors the ­Project Management organization implemented in 2012. While Project Management encourages the ­introduction of new customer projects, the new Program Management unit is responsible for key com­mercial products. The team provides technical support, strategic development, and optimization of the most important products which are added to the portfolio at the Zofingen site. Peter Küng manages both teams, Project Management and Program Management.

The Program Management unit was introduced hand in hand with a new production structure in Zofingen, whose aim was strengthening in-plant management structures. 

The aim of Program Management is to minimize friction losses at the interfaces and strengthen know-how in operations by means of the recently introduced production management structure. The responsibility of the program managers is to ensure smooth coordination of the product areas and to clearly allocate the management of internal and external customers. The intention is to ­create increased awareness within the Siegfried Group for its established products. Naturally, the aim is to ­simultaneously achieve cost optimization. 

Tasks of Program Management
Program managers ensure that the products are produced in accordance with all applicable requirements (safety, compliance, time, etc.). They develop future prospects to guarantee supply capability and improved qualitative and economic performance of the products and implement these together with the respective Program Leadership Teams (PLT). PLTs are interdisciplinary teams that include experts in the areas of manufacturing, business development, purchasing, quality, planning, process development, analytical development, regulatory affairs and other departments, as required. In coordination with the responsible business development managers, the program managers are responsible for customer communications in its entirety.

Team started a few months ago 
The Program Management organization was implemented at full speed once the new team had been put together toward the end of last year. It was clear that the new and the old roles would be performed simultaneously for a while to ensure continuous transfer of knowledge. Today, after a few months, the new structure is still in the development phase; it takes time for process management, with its new responsibilities, and the overall process to grow together. While the unit’s focus is currently on daily business, it will soon shift ­toward future prospects and issues such as supply reliability, stability and cost optimization. 

The team
Currently, the following four program managers work under the guidance of Peter Küng: 

  • Program 1: Michael Steffen, from 2006 to 2011 employed as product chemist at Siegfried and in 2014 appointed head product chemist. In addition to Program 1, Michael Steffen is responsible for product transfer from TCR1 to the other plants. 
  • Program 2: Peter Demel joined Siegfried in 2006, initially as development chemist, and was appointed project manager in 2011.
  • Program 3: Michael Nass started his career with Siegfried in 2008 as product chemist and took on ad-interim responsibility as department head for TCR1/2/4 before returning to his position as product chemist in 2017.
  • Program 4: Adriano Indolese is program manager ad interim. He joined Siegfried as project manager in 2011. 
  • Jonas Bobst supports the team. Jonas completed his apprenticeship at Siegfried as chemical laboratory assistant in 2009. He subsequently studied chemistry at the Fachhochschule Nordwest­schweiz and later business chemistry at the University of Zurich. He is currently writing his master’s thesis while supporting Michael Steffen in the TCR1 transfer project.