Inside View

Nantong: Family Day 2018 at Siegfried Nantong

The second family day of Siegfried Nantong took place in the Pengxin Hotel in Nantong. More than 70 families, in total over 200 people, attended this event. During the past year, children have grown taller and the Nantong site has also become stronger. 

After checking in each family received their welcome gifts. A 1:1 sized Pikachu doll in the entrance hall welcomed the kids. This doll was very popular among the kids, and everyone was rushing to hug the big doll take a picture with it. 

In the beginning, we showed the families the latest image video of Siegfried Nantong which was shot last year by a team from Switzerland. After that, the General Manager of the Nantong site, Fang Lin, gave a welcome speech and made a detailed introduction of Siegfried Nantong site. Many families were no strangers to Siegfried anymore, because they attended the first family day and were shown around the site in 2017. Fang Lin specially welcomed new employees with their families.

After the welcome speech everyone was ready to enjoy the following happy hours, which consisted of three sections. The first section was childrens’ talent performance. The lovely children showed wonderful performances, including solo dancing, singing with guitar, poetry reading and chorus. 

The next section was competitive games, which not only required speed and patience, but also perfect cooperation between the family members. The game winners were awarded with prizes, however, all children got little gifts because their active involvement.

After the activities were finished, all the employees and families enjoyed the hearty buffet.

The family day finished after lunch. The children were very happy. Some of them met their friends who they got acquainted with last year, and they also made new friends this year. The family day activities have strengthened the bonding of our team members and with the Siegfried Nantong site. It is our plan to make this a tradition and carry out a family day also in the years to come.