Inside View

Minden: A Healthy Start to the Apprenticeship

How important is health? What role does physical activity play? What does healthy food consist of? These were questions that a two-day in-house seminar focused on.The seminar was organized specially for new trainees by BKK Pfalz medical insurance and carried out at the Minden site for the first time. 

The aim of the seminar was to motivate young trainees to ­accept responsibility for themselves with regard to health, physical activity and nutrition. Both seminar days were designed with young people in mind and provided a varied range of topics consisting of physical activity, theory and group work. 

The seminar began with a few simple physical exercises, and each trainee started off by measuring his or her personal level of fitness. That served as the start to health-oriented physical exercise during which the participants learned that training for strength and stamina must always be adjusted to their individual constitution. 

The seminar continued with nutrition. What does balanced ­nutrition consist of and what role do the ingredients of food ­products play? In group work concerning “sugar”, the trainees found out that nearly all kinds of food we eat today include sugar. The participants were explained that sugar is not only sweet and lovely, but too much of it is harmful to our health. Now the aim was to implement the recognitions from group work in everyday practical situations. The trainees were given the task to prepare a shared healthy breakfast for the second day. No problem for the participants; they implemented the information they had received excellently and enjoyed the meal together. 

The conclusion of the trainees was positive overall, and the one or other participant made some impressive personal insights.