Inside View

Malta: Siegfried Malta participates in GO4Industry Teacher Internship Programme

The Manufacturing Economic Group within the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, and the Ministry for Education and Employment launched the “GO4Industry Teacher Internship Programme” pilot project. Siegfried was one of the leading companies participating in this project. 

The central element of this initiative is bridging the academic knowledge by professionals with industry requirements and opportunities, with the aim towards exposing students to cutting-edge technology and careers in manufacturing. 

The project consisted in hosting STEM* Teachers for placements for the summer months as part of their CPD (Continuing Professional Development) requirements.

The Malta site hosted for a week Ms Christine Gatt, a science teacher from the Immaculate Conception Secondary School. During this programme she had the opportunity to learn more about the pharmaceutical industry whilst appreciating the requirements and complexities which the industry demands leading towards a diversification of knowledge, expertise and career opportunities available in the sector.

The agenda for the week was full of activities and learning experiences. Apart from site tours in production, warehouse and lab, the programme included a number of job shadowing within the Quality Management and Quality Control functions. The scope of the quite vast agenda was to provide the participant with the main elements involved within a manufacturing cycle, from raw material to a finished product up to release and dispatch. 

The project was a great learning opportunity for all involved, and a fruitful event as Ms Gatt remarks in her testimony:

“My internship at Siegfried allowed me to follow and observe first-hand the process involved in the production of pharmaceutical products. Spending a whole week shadowing professionals carrying out their duties, provided me with the rare chance to experience the realities and situations encountered on such a workplace. This internship made it possible for me to observe the whole spectrum of careers offered in the pharmaceutical industry. Having professionals answering directly my queries was an invaluable opportunity which was extremely beneficial for my professional development as a STEM educator. I would like to thank all the members of Siegfried group who made me feel welcome and made my experience at Siegfried memorable”.

*STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics