Inside View

Hameln: XLETIX Challenge – Siegfried Hameln ­Competing in Northern Germany

The idea of an XLETIX Challenge event is for participating teams to master an extremely demanding track filled with obstacles. What counts in this obstacle course is strength, stamina, courage, will-power and, most of all, team spirit. Participants are required to overcome boundaries, both mentally and physically. The XLETIX Challenge motto is “One Team, One Spirit”, because many obstacles are constructed in such a way that they can be overcome only as a team. 

At noon, the Siegfried team started on its muddiest challenge of the year, namely the Xletix Challenge held in the off-road park in Stadtoldendorf in the German federal state Lower Saxony. The track extends across 6 kilometers and held in store 14 obstacles with such suggestive names as “Slippery Slope”, a 4.5 meter-high and 45° steep muddy slope that can be conquered only when applying the right technique. “Freak Froster” catapults participants into a basin filled with ice cubes. Keep your head cool, buster! “Barbwire Battle” is the obstacle which no-one will get through wearing clean clothing: a crawl track below barbed wire in mud – body tension absolutely required. 

The five women and six men of the Siegfried Team completed the Challenge in bright sunshine. High temperatures became noticeable on the short but intense running stretches. This in no way deterred the team from having fun, and it completed the “S” distance at the Finish line with great motivation. The team members decided to go for the “M” distance in 2019, for sure! This track has 25 obstacles along a distance of 12 kilometers and, true to the motto “One Team, One Goal”, the team members will master the challenges as a group.