Inside View

Minden: Final Exam Chemical Assistants

The practical part of the final exam for Chemical Assistants carried out by the Chamber of Trade and Industry was carried out beginning of February in Siegfried Minden’s Training Center. Five candidates took part in the winter final exam, of which two were from Siegfried Minden.
During the first two exam days and under the critical eyes of five examiners, the future chemical assistants had to demonstrate their know-how and practical expertise in process control. On the third day, the examiners assessed the results and presented them to the candidates. The two candidates from Siegfried Minden, Marek Böversen (left) and Daniel Kruse (right), passed the exam and were subsequently employed by the company. They now work in the Multi-Product and Purin operation. 

Congratulations to Marek Böversen and Daniel Kruse! We wish our two new colleagues a successful start to their professional career and all the best. 

We would like to congratulate Marek Böversen on receiving a special distinction. Mid-April the Chamber of Trade and Industry in Bielefeld invited a total of 72 apprentices to a celebration hour where they were honored as best apprentices in their training professions. Marek Böversen was named the best Chemical Assistant of his year, and Siegfried Minden received a distinction as training organization.