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Evionnaz / St. Vulbas: STOP Program® Launched in Evionnaz and St.Vulbas

From left: Cyrille Marcou, Ludovic Gremaud, Dominique Dupuis, Basile Pache, Christophe Dorsaz, Guillaume Wambst, Gavin Adcock (STOP trainer), Fabrice Oge, Jean Paul Ebener, Jérôme Calvacante, Dominique Rosse (BIS), Pascal Pleynet, Philippe Beyrand

The safety of employees must be ensured every day. Sometimes, new approaches are required to avoid injuries and raise the level of security. After all, injuries affect not only the injured persons, but their entire family, work colleagues and the company.

The STOP program® by DuPont shows a way toward improving our safety in everyday life. The program is based on the idea that two employees observe each other in all of their work activities. The observer subsequently gives a feedback to the observed person whether he or she acted in compliance with the rules. Now, a dialogue can take place which provides awareness of one’s own incorrect behavior. This awareness will accustom employees to carry out their work in a safer manner.

The STOP program® was introduced simultaneously at the Evionnaz and St. Vulbas sites. The moderators were trained at both sites on 1 und 2 March 2018. In St. Vulbas, Philippe Beyrand, Jérôme Cavalcante, Cyrille Marcou, Fabrice Ogé and Pascal Pleynet participated in the training. They have already started to impart the five modules of the training to small groups of 13 participants in total. 

The safety observations can, therefore, begin before the summer vacation. The STOP program® has already been introduced at other Siegfried sites where significant results in security have been achieved. We are convinced that this will also apply to the Evionnaz and St. Vulbas sites.