Inside View

Evionnaz: Safety Days 2018

Presentation of the consequences when water comes in contact with burning oil.

Siegfried Evionnaz carried out the so-called Safety Days. In future, they will be staged every year for Siegfried’s employees at the site. As part of the program, the location of the various alarms situated on the site was called to memory followed by a practical exercise of operating an alarm. Christophe Dorsaz and Stéphane Schnydrig held a workshop in which wearing of gas masks was demonstrated. The participants were encouraged to operate the fire extinguishers for exercise purposes. By means of a demonstration, their attention was drawn to everyday dangers, such as a fire starting on a stovetop, or a gas flask exploding. Always impressive!

The incidents which occurred on 21 June this year have shown how important it is to follow fire-protection instructions, to carry out regular evacuation exercises for employees and thorough training of our fire fighters and Samaritans. During that night, a large fire broke out in a production hall next to our plant, which was brought under control the same night thanks to a good job done by numerous emergency forces.